Healers of Ann Arbor: Greg Knollmeyer Reflexologist and T’ai Chi Instructor

This article was originally published in The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, Winter Issue #76. Read it here. You can try a new type of massage or read a chiropractor’s online reviews, but how do you really know when a healing modality is right for you?…

Stirring the Spirit to Health: A Profile of Energy Healer Karlta Zarley

When asked to reveal the depths of a high-frequency energy individual, like Karlta Zarley, it is like trying to spy a hummingbird in flight. Her true spirit—her energy identity—might be compared visually to a shimmering iridescent cloud—a fluttering of high intensity consciousness…

Essential Oils: More Than Just Pretty Aromas

Sure, essential oils can leave your home smelling of fresh cut lavender or the bright citrusy scent of lemons, but they are so much more than a pretty aroma. Did you know they could be used to support healthy emotions, keep you alert, focused, calm, and relaxed?

Supporting Spirituality in Seniors

he last few decades, spirituality has become a hot topic. Searching on Amazon for books on spirituality pulls up over 70,000 titles. Although spirituality in general has been a focus of interest, spirituality in the elderly has really only received academic attention in the last twenty years.

The Science of Breath and Spirit: A Young Scientist’s Adventures in Breath at the Ann Arbor Zen Buddhist Temple

By Catherine Carr This article was originally published in the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, Issue #74. Read issue #74 here! “Are you connecting with your breath?” Rev. Haju asks me, leaning forward to inspect my posture. Her eyes are hawk-sharp but loving. It’s a powerful…

A 24-Hour Yoga Practice

ay I practiced yoga for a full 24 hours. Whoa, right? Sounds like an intense, almost insane practice. Why would anyone do yoga for 24 hours straight? Well, it was a crazy practice, but not in the way you would think. What if I told you that I didn’t practice one Asana (yoga posture) or movement? What would you think? Where would your mind go? Would you ask, ho