Keleigh Lee, M.F.A. – Belly Beautiful

Keleigh Lee is an Ann Arbor henna body artist specializing in pregnancy. She works with her clients to create unique belly designs which reflect their feelings about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

Diane Thal Gluck EFT-ADV – Clear To Heal LLC

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) helps neutralize your unresolved negative emotions. The emotions that block you from feeling free to be your best. I teach every client EFT, it’s easy to learn and fun to use. EFT empowers you. It enables you to take care of yourself and enjoy life. We can work together on ANY physical or emotional issue.

Matruka Sherman, Clinical Social Work/Therapist

Everyone has a need to feel healthy and whole with a sense of pleasure and renewal in their lives. My approach uses people’s strengths in order to help them get in touch with their own inner resources so they can manage change with creativity and courage.