Homeopath, Board Certified

Kathleen Slonager is a Classical Homeopath excited to help people restore health and vitality utilizing the therapeutic principles of homeopathy. She is passionate about providing evidence-informed health information to aid consumers on their own health and wellness journey.  She has over 25 years’ experience in…

Yuliya’s Naturals

Individual Energy Alignment Sessions, Aromatherapy Massage Sessions, and Shamanic Healing.  Reiki-Infused products, gardening tips and educational guidance, home-made bath salts and candles.

Steiner Health

Steiner Health is a community supported medical nonprofit founded in 1997. The physicians are board certified M.D.s that practice anthroposophic medicine, a form of integrative medicine based on the scientific and spiritual insights of Rudolf Steiner.

Dr. Jane Klaes, DO

Dr. Klaes provides comprehensive, holistic primary care using a membership model.  For a low monthly fee, patients have access to Dr. Klaes by phone, text, email and video.

Alma Community

Dr. Christina M. Casado A.P. is a Florida-Licensed Acupuncturist. Physician and Certified Chinese Medical Herbalist. She is a student of Japanese acupuncture master Kiiko Matsumoto and travels annually to Japan and China to hone her skills and learn new techniques.