Holistic Singing

Holistic Vocal Training enables you to sing your best while developing greater self-awareness, technical expertise, creativity, and confidence. So when training holistically, not only do we strengthen the voice and learn solid technique, we also strive to bring the mind, emotions, body, and spirit to…

Healing Heart Sacred Sounds

  Healing Heart Sacred Sounds is a unique inner journey experience that is facilitated and guided by a variety of sounds with assorted frequencies and vibrations. During a sound journey, Victoria Schon introduces the beautiful and celestial sounds of crystal singing bowls, accompanied by Tibetan…

I Am Well

Reiki, EFT, Vibrational Sound Therapy

Linda Adamcz, LMSW Music & Art Therapist – Adamcz Associates

Integrative Breathwork Workshops – a musical journey for insight, emotional healing &creativity. Can assist with major life changes, grief/loss, stress related to health, work, finances, relationships, trauma/abuse or depression. Also involves mandala artwork and discussion. Limited to eight.

Aurore Adamkiewicz ND, M.A., B.S., N.H.D. -The Center for Health, Yoga, and Naturopathic Psychotherapy

Dr. Aurore Henze (Adamkiewicz) is an ayurvedic naturopath and author of the book Beyond Natural Cures. She studied with a licensed psychologist in Portland, OR.  in a body/mind orgonomy program and is a licensed esthetician.

After healing her own son from autism she has created bio-therapeutic yoga naturopathic psychotherapy, the Aurorachrome color therapy machine and a Waldorf-inspired music therapy program for children.

As a two-time home birther, she understands women’s heath and is also dedicated to helping women balance their hormones, prepare their bodies for birth, and support themselves through menopause.


Our bodies hold our past memories and our capacities for present day aliveness. The Voice is the body’s instrument – it sings, speaks, cries, and laughs. Music is a communication experience- with the self, with others. It is a rich language of rhythm, melody, and harmony. Together music and voice are lifelines. I offer to share with you their possibilities for healing, awakening and fully alive singing

Jeanne Mackey

Jeanne Mackey’s musical career has spanned 25 years beginning in Washington DC in the mid-70’s when the city was rife with collective businesses, burgeoning political movements, and the newly emerging women’s music scene. She and her various musical parters performed extensively both locally and across the U.S. at women’s music festivals, labor conferences, community events, picket lines, prisons, and college campuses.