Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room

Crazy Wisdom Bookstore has served as a center of information in the subjects of: holistic health,  body/mind therapies, psychology, Buddhism, alternative spiritual practices, spiritual development, and consciousness.

At Crazy Wisdom you can browse 200 book categoriea, from Acupuncture to Zen, Affirmations to Yoga. 

We also carry gifts, cards, jewelry, handcrafted items, art, music, incense, rural items, candles, aromatherapy, body tools, and yoga supplies.

The books and other items that are available at Crazy Wisdom reflect the careful choices our buyers make to bring the customer the best selection of merchandise available to nurture Body, mind, and spirit.

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The Crazy Wisdom Tea Room is a great place to dine, relax, destress, and enjoy a great cup of tea. The Tea Room serves over 100 varieties of tea, coffee and coffee specialty drinks, appetizers, entrees, dips, delectable desserts and treats.