Crysterra Wellness

Reflexology – Yoga – Reiki – Lithotherapy The core fundamental philosophies of Crysterra Wellness are built on stress and anxiety relief, relaxation, nurturing and healing. Crysterra Wellness Offerings and Services have been designed to support and promote the healthy act of self-care, respect, kindness and…

A2 Reflexology

Denise Held RN, Certified Reflexologist, Reflexolo-ChiTM   Prices Initial one-hour session … $45.00 Regular one-hour session … $65.00 Return sessions within two months …. $50.00 Pre-pay option: 3 one-hour sessions …. $135.00 Cash, check, Venmo, debit, or credit (including Apple Pay) is accepted. Times for…

Nekko Reflexology

Nekko Reflexology is a Japanese private practice owned by a national reflexology board (ARCB) certified reflexologist, located downtown Ann Arbor, MI.

Fenhaven Reflexology

Emily combines foot reflexology, myofascial release, and t’ai chi energy work to relax, realign, and integrate. Sessions are conducted fully clothed and involve foot massage and careful movement of limbs. Emily practices from her studio in Chelsea, Michigan, surrounded by tranquil forest and gorgeous views….

Greg Knollmeyer, Director Spiral Chi Center

Greg Knollmeyer lives and works in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is passionate about natural healing and has helped many people improve their health and well being. Greg has found reflexolo-chi and subconscious healing to be an incredibly powerful way to help others. Through his work, he facilitates whole body health and healing for his clients. Greg fosters a calm, peaceful energy in his life and work. He has dedicated many years of study to various forms of positive energy work.