Yuliya's Naturals

I have 28 proven years of experience in project management.  Throughout my career as a professional planner and organizer, I have acquired functional skills, which I am now dedicating to providing personalized wellness plans for clients in need.

With the help of Mother Nature, holistic modalities, and integrative medicinal techniques, I conduct individual sessions in helping you align to your full potential. 

As a Certified Reiki Master and Shamanic Arts Practitioner, I work to help you remove any barriers and learn to trust the Universal Lifeform Energy to enable you for the higher Vibrational Frequency that will empower you to accomplish your goals in life.  It's all about ENERGY!

Come and experience the integrative medicine and energetic alignment for your future success. 

I utilize my experience as a Certified Aromatherapy Specialist to blend wonderful formulas of the essential oils to be used in daily life for emotional balance and healing.  Nature offers us many opportunities to incorporate its unique benefits and apply our inner intuition to steer clear of the chronic issues.

Join me for an exploration of essential oils and their many wonderful benefits.  I am excited to bring in the beauty and health into your daily life habits.

I conduct group educational workshops and individual healing sessions.

Individual Energy Alignment Sessions, Aromatherapy Massage Sessions, and Shamanic Healing.  Reiki-Infused products, gardening tips and educational guidance, home-made bath salts and candles.