Vijayalaxmi Shinde, B.N.S.

Vijayalaxmi is a scholar of ancient Indian science of HASTA-SAMUDRIC SHASTRA (palmistry) & numerology. She guides clients on relationships, career, health, happiness, & many aspects of life.

Like all of DIVINE CREATION, lines on the palms hold a definite purpose. To understand them is to reveal one’s aptitudes, strengths, & future trends. It is an approach to determine character, mental tendencies, & likely events to happen in an individual’s life. This is accomplished through detailed examinations of the lines, & marks in the PALMS

For decades Vijayalaxmi has passionately studied ancient Indian, & Western Palmistry & Numerology. She deftly & accurately combines palm reading & numerology. She has a passion for helping her clients by giving guidance in creating harmonious energy in the different aspects of their life, based on her knowledge of Palmistry, Numerology, & Astrology.