This Breath

How does it work?
In an advanced breathwork session, breath energy quickly accumulates, cleansing and opening the energy body. Then patterns of holding and tension, suppressed emotion, and blocked energies tend to release and dissipate. The less resistance there is to these feelings, the more quickly and thoroughly they can transform. With the breath energy, relaxation, and the support of a compassionate and experienced facilitator, the breather can feel safe enough to go where otherwise they may not, entering deep realms of emotion and consciousness. On completion of an energy cycle, people commonly report feeling light... clean... open... rejuvenated... peaceful... relaxed... loving... grateful... joyful... alive... blissful. These enjoyable feelings are not in themselves the primary benefit of advanced breathwork. The deeper benefits become evident in daily life over time as long-standing patterns and habitual reactions begin to transform. Ultimately, it is a loving spiritual practice that helps you to understand and accept yourself in your full potential.

Advanced Breathwork for Deep Self-Healing

with Jackie Miller

Advanced breathwork is a potent breathing technique for breakthroughs in inner growth and transformation. It uses the power of breath energy to promote deep self-healing and physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. The effect is opening, cleansing, balancing, grounding, and empowering.