The OM Garden

Lauren has been a yoga and movement insturctor for over 20 years.  She attended Red Lotus School of Yoga after after attending Eastern Michigan University for a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation.

 Since then Lauren has created yoga programs specifically designed for children and adults with special needs, individuals suffering from mental illness ranging from light to severe allowing for the worlds of therapeutic activies and yoga to work together.

Lauren went on to create programs for those suffering from back pain after using yoga herself to build the strength to walk again after a back injury.

 She then created our yoga school, creating a program for those who want to learn to teach yoga and deepen their own personal connection to this practice.  She spent 5 years perfecting the program before registering the school with Yoga Alliance.  Lauren went on to work with more specialized groups of extreme sports/activities: MMA fighters, marathon runners, US Soldiers, and local firefighters before creating this online space where all of her modalities could be combined in one space.