The Body-Soul Bridge: Your Connection to the Divine

Did you know that you have answers to all your questions within you? Your answers come from your Divine Mind (also referred to as angels, guides, Higher Self). Monica Levin, and her book The Body-Soul Bridge, teaches you how to receive and follow guidance from your Divine Mind so that you can reach deeper levels of wholeness and step into your future with confidence.

Your Body-Soul Bridge is a receiver that is comprised of your physical, electrical, and chemical energies (body) and your emotional and intellectual energies (soul). Your Human Mind receives information from your Divine Mind through this bridge. Your Human Mind then exerts its free will and either follows the guidance or not. If you are reading this description, then you are ready to follow your guidance to transform your life and relationships!

Monica Levin, and her book The Body-Soul Bridge, teaches techniques for receiving information from your Divine Mind through your Body-Soul Bridge using:

  • ·        Your Inner Pendulum
  • ·        Muscle Response Testing

These techniques are intended to launch you into an ever-deepening connection with your Divine Mind. Keep your Human Mind open to transforming your technique and have fun with it!

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Monica Levin

Monica Levin is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Spiritual Counselor, Author, Certified Body Language Trainer, and Appreciation Facilitator. She has been helping people regain their health and vitality since 1987 and is available to help YOU!

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