SWEET! Vegan, Toxin-Free Deodorant That Really Works!

I used to really stink and couldn't find a single deodorant out there that didn't have some type of toxin in it. I was shocked to learn that many deodorants have toxins in them that have been linked to breast cancer, liver disease, Alzheimer's and more. These toxins are easily absorbed through the skin and lymph nodes present in armpits. Disgusted, I created my SWEET! deodorants 7 years ago and have been smelling sweet ever since. I have many happy sweet-smelling customers who are helping me save the world.....one armpit at a time. Give it a try! Please visit my website for more information.

SWEET! deodorants are vegan, with only 5 toxin-free ingredients and are made one at a time here in Michigan. Available in shea butter or cocoa butter, SWEET! deodorants really work. SWEET! deodorants are for all ages.