Spiritual Healing Hypnosis

Hello, beautiful souls!

Are you ready to unlock your true potential with a Spiritual Healing Hypnosis session? Here's what you need to know:

A Spiritual Healing Hypnosis session typically lasts 4-5 hours. The session consists of an in-depth interview with you, the hypnosis portion and a review of the session. You'll also receive an audio recording of the session for you to keep for life.

You can come in with 25 questions that you'd like to be answered about your life. We will access your higher self and get thorough answers to all your questions and more. It's a beautiful, healing process, and you will receive some deep, life-long guidance from the universe through the session.

If you're interested, I'd love to coordinate a day/time for the session. So please contact me, and we can discuss the price as well. Thank you!! 😊 ✨💕

Spiritual Healing Hypnosis uses the tried and tested QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)® method to bring clients to a journey to all the other versions of them, and more importantly, to their subconscious or higher self.

The goal of a QHHT session is to connect with your subconscious. By accessing your subconscious, you can receive healing and answers to all questions that lie within.

People are interested in receiving a QHHT session for many reasons. Some come for curiosity, and others come for answers to deeply rooted physical and/or emotional trauma, including relationship, career and family challenges.