Spiritual Evolution of the Animal Kingdom, Betsy Adams

Our feelings, especially about the self, profoundly affect the health of our animals as well as our own health -  physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually.  When we Heal these feelings by Feeling the Love We Already Are, tremendous, life-changing events occur.  Our animals' health is dramatically improved, as is our own.  And our Spiritual Evolution is dramatically improved, as is our animals' Spiritual Evolution.  We are tremendously powerful creators of our own reality, and by turning to Feeling the Love We Already Are, we can help create Health for our animals, for ourselves, for Earth and this Universe we all live in together.  Ultimately, Surrendering to the Love We Are is the most Healing of all, and the most Healing for our Animals, for All Life Everywhere.
And so, we could say Spiritual Evolution of the Animal Kingdom is intimately profoundly linked to the Spiritual Evolution of Humanity, to Earth, to this Universe and Beyond.   And with regard to this there has been, in our own Universe, and especially on Planet Earth unique evolutionary unfoldings.  In order to enhance and aid these unique evolutionary presentations the relationship between the Sacred Body Factories and what is needed for evolution here on Earth can be monitored, can be experienced, can be felt, and learned about...  If only we will ask for such insights.   (please see Betsy's books :  The Sacred Body Factories, and self Love and the Healing of Our Animal Friends, both published by Balboa Press)
There are many levels of manifestations that occur, and the Sacred Body Factories in conjunction with the Soul of each being Co-Create these levels and these manifestations.  We are, each and every animal and plant and human and every other lifeform in this Universe, CHOOSING with Divine Love what form(s) we wish to inhabit, to explore the myriad and yes, infinite environments, that exist in the Universes.  We choose which vessel to inhabit and experience in:  will it be a Light Body, Incandescent and Radiant and without high density;  will it be a heavy duty Earth bound -made up of "physical, mental, etheric, and emotional" and ultimately Soul-based frequencies?  What we choose to experience, what we choose to explore is 100% our own free will choice.  This is true for every living thing.
So-called "issues" arise when we become in the state of feeling separate from the Love that Co-Created our unique vessel... i.e., when through free will choices, we choose to explore what it is like to "Not Feel Love,  to Not Feel The Love We Are."  For, this IS a choice.  None of us, animal or human or Nature or Earth or Beyond, is a victim of anything or anyone...   we just forget we ARE LOVE and Can Become and BE WHOLEBODILY LOVE AND ITS EXPRESSION, HERE NOW!  Our Animal Companions, Wild Animals, Nature and Earth HerSelf are here to help us WAKE UP again and Remember . . .
There are so many guides and helpers, Angels, entities, you name it.  Thousands and thousands of beings  of many varied frequencies offering their help to us, to help us "Remember the Love."  And our Animal Companions are among these helpers.  As are many human children coming into this Planet. For so many of them Do Remember from Whence They came and are yearning to help us Remember Too!  YES!  God Bless Us All
Betsy Adams (Shoh Nah Hah Lieh) has worked with animals and their people for over 40 years.  She has been communicating with animals since infancy and utilizes her intuitive abilities in her consulting practice.  Her background is in the biological sciences, evolutionary ecology, as well as creative writing.  She has worked with animals in many different settings:  the wilds, kennels, sanctuaries, veterinary clinics, shelters, laboratories, in home settings, in dreamtime and more.  She has taught biological sciences at the university level, and creative writing grades K-12, university students and the elderly.
Betsy will be very Happy to help you and your BeLoved Companions, in any environment of your choosing.  Please telephone, text, email Betsy (Shoh Nah Hah Lieh) anytime!
Telephone  734 475 4230  and  Cell phone  734 730 0985  text/call/leave vm  photos etc
Emails   ShohNah@SpiritualEvolutionoftheAnimalKingdom.com   and  ShohNahHahLieh@gmail.com
Betsy's website is   SpiritualEvolutionoftheAnimalKingdom.com   please visit anytime!

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