Souls At Play Equine Center LLC

Join Souls at Play Equine Center LLC on a journey of self discovery using a unique and exciting approach using horses and their natural instincts to help you heal, grow and re-discover your innermost Self.

To grow and change and gain more self-awareness we first need to know what we are feeling and also communicating to the people in our lives. Horses are experts at reading energy so their responses towards us provide us with clues about ourselves. Horse externally show what you are feeling internally ( even if not aware ) providing you with an opportunity to gain insight into yourself.
The Center also offers additional creative modalities including psychic counseling/life coaching sessions with Sarah DesJardins.

Her life‘s mission is to empower people to know their own value. Sarah draws from her own journey of self awakening from the sudden death of her husband and healing from severe physical, emotional and sexual abuse. These sessions offer deep insight into a person’s core issues that operates behind trauma recovery and other barriers to emotional and spiritual freedom: Sessions may address PTSD, eating disorders, anxiety and depression, addiction, sexual, emotional and physical abuse, Dissociative Identity Disorder, or a general uncertainty about the best next steps for true self recovery and alignment with one’s soul.