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Full-time health coach and part-time nonprofit consultant, self-published author, blogger, and woefully underpaid COO of a busy family of four spread across the globe: I adore my crazy life and bring my passion, knowledge, and experience to the table to help you love YOUR life—no matter how crazy it is—and reach your health goals.

In my private practice, I’m a health coach and sanity whisperer to under-appreciated, under-listened to, under-taken-care-of, under-valued, overwhelmed, overworked, over-scheduled, and OVER. IT. ALL. working wives and mothers who dream of a starring role in their own lives after too many years of playing best supporting actress in everyone else's.

On the organizational side of things, I bring health programming to nonprofits and mission-driven for-profit companies—helping them to do well while doing good.

I received my health coach training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®  and an AAS in Culinary Arts from the Cooking + Hospitality Institute of Chicago (later part of Le Cordon Bleu). In the years BC (before children), I was the owner and executive chef of a catering and private chef company in Chicago, and I’ve taught cooking and nutrition to all ages.

What does that mean for you? I know the value of nutrition—both the whole foods variety and the more holistic kind—and I can show you how you can make the food and lifestyle choices that nourish you … without adding more “shoulds” and hours to your already overwhelming schedule.

I live in a half-empty nest in Ann Arbor, MI and am passionate about health and happiness, education and exercise, SOLE/SOUL food and social justice.

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Integrative Nutrition® health coaching focused on women 40+ and those who work in the nonprofit/mission-driven arena. I offer 1:1 and group, in-person and virtual coaching formats as well as an online membership site, retreats, wellness programs, workshops, webinars, and public speaking on integrative health and nutrition.