Priestess Numerologist

Numerology is a great tool for navigating this new Aquarian Age we now find ourselves in. Numerology uses your birth day to uncover your strengths and challenges using 5 different numbers – your Soul, Karma, Destiny, Gift and Path. Numbers are a way that the Universe communicates with us. Each number has a unique energy. The combination of your specific numbers and where they sit in your chart will help you to understand your negative patterns, how you are meant to serve in this lifetime, and what your super power is.
If interested, I would get your birth date from you, calculate your individual numbers, ask you some follow-up questions, and write up a written report that I give to you as a PDF. We can also do a phone/Zoom consult after you receive your report and have a more in-depth discussion about your prescription.
In my reports, I explain what each position means, what your individual numbers in those areas means, and then I give you a prescription to work on your relationship with your Soul Self, pay off your Karmic debt, step further into your gift, and follow the path to your destiny.
Many of us don’t even realize certain things about ourselves and our behaviors until they are pointed out to us. I think you’ll find that discovering what your numerological chart is will start you on a journey to living a more fulfilled life.

A numerology reading consists of calculating 5 different numbers based on your date of birth. These 5 numbers sit in 5 different positions within a chart. Two of these positions are strengths, 2 are challenges, and one is your life path. Each number carries with it a different energy. I look at the combination of numbers, as well as their placement within the chart in order to provide the client an energetic prescription for how to strengthen their challenge areas, step further into their strengths, and walk their life path. 


Numerology can be used with adults and teens in order to provide them with true inner happiness.