Om of Medicine- Medical Cannabis

The Om of Medicine was established with the goal of making an immersive experience for all medical cannabis patients. We consider our facility to not only be for the provisioning of medical cannabis, but to be a mood-enhancement facility. Om has created an environment you can feel comfortable bringing your grandmother to. In that same environment, you can be inspired to be a kid again. Bridging the gap between young & old, new & experienced, nature & technology… an environment exists which captures the duality of life, in perfect balance. We seek to leave each patient feeling more joyful than when they first walked in. We achieve this by creating an uplifting and stimulating environment; enhancing the moods of all who enter.

Om of Medicine is dedicated to improving the quality of life for both our members and our community through the provisioning of medical cannabis in a collaborative, safe, and inspiring environment. We promote the rights of patients and the healing power of the plant through advocacy, education, and research.