Nonverbal Science: Body Language Training

Did you know that when you communicate with someone, only 7% of your communication is words? The other 93% is your body language, voice tone, and ornaments (how you dress and adorn yourself).

Become a Charismatic Influencer!

If you match your words and body language must match you will become authentic, credible, and charismatic. Learn body language skills and:

  • make a killer first impression
  • improve your presence
  • be more charismatic
  • be more perceptive of other’s emotions
  • feel more comfortable in the dating world
  • confidently pitch ideas
  • master your presentation skills
  • become a better negotiator
  • improve your phone skills

The Results Speak for Themselves

People who apply body language skills have become more confident, healthy, creative, and happy.

Open Your Arms and Embrace Your Authentic Self!

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Certified Body Language Trainer Monica Levin offers one-on-one coaching, workshops, and keynote addresses.