Molly McMullen-Laird, MD - Community Supported Anthroposophical Medicine

Our office provides general medical care to individuals and families who are interested in the holistic approach of anthroposophical medicine.

 Rudolf Steiner, philosopher and practical spiritual teacher, gave many insights into medicine, pharmacy, and self care which are very valuable to support and maintain health.

Our patients may come for help with their allergies, a sore throat, or for chronic problems like cancer and CFS. We believe that the organism has self-healing capacities that can be stimulated in order to ultimately have the patient no longer take any medicines. Our physicians are both fully trained medical doctors who can interface with the conventional medical system. Our practice does not process insurance claims except for Medicare; however we supply the patient with a coded invoice to send directly to the insurance company and the patient is reimbursed according to the rules of their insurance company.

Our practice started in 1997 after our physicians relocated to Ann Arbor from Switzerland where they were trained in anthroposophical hospitals. The need for remedies followed quickly and since early on the office has stocked many remedies in order to make it possible for the patients to receive their medications directly. Our physicians are continually returning to Germany for further training and currently are attending an oncology seminar over the next four years. The interest in Iscador treatment in this country is increasing and many cancer patients find this adjuvant treatment very helpful.