Luminary: Holistic Culture Mentor

I started a brick-and-mortar business as a holistic culture mentor (health coach-esque) in March. Due to COVID-19 I was unable to see clients in-person, however, I am available for teleconsultations. I also sell my fabulous homemade body products on Etsy. If local clients feel comfortable requesting in-person visits, I am available in Ann Arbor. As a naturopath and to support healthy lifestyles, I offer the following services:

aura photography

holistic wellness consultation

nourishment plan/accountability

integrating lifestyle changes

customized herbal formulas

handmade creams, oils, salves

iridology evaluation

sugar reduction strategy

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Eleni Mitropoulos has a Naturopathic Degree and is professionally trained in the eight aspects of holistic medicine. After assisting clients for years, Eleni felt there was a greater need in the community…too often, holistic health professionals are focused solely on the physical human body. Eleni believes there are countless layers to uncover in order to reveal the root cause of our issues.

Beyond naturopathy, Eleni attended military school for six years and has an exceptional instinct for organization, discipline, and leadership skills. Where someone sees chaos, she slowly sifts through to create brilliant results. Eleni applies her motivational capabilities to assist clients achieve goals while maintaining accountability. 

Using a variety of methods combined with her unique background, Eleni encourages and supports clients in an engaging, direct, and profound way.