Linda A. Benedict - BodyHarmony

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Reiki Master, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner.

Linda Benedict works with natural healing through Bodywork and Energy channeling. As a massage therapist, she employs Swedish Trigger and Lomi Lomi. He work in the Hawaiian Sacred Temple Bodywork is massage , but equally shamanic healing and spiritual integration. As a Reconnective Healer she accesses(channels) a broad band of healing frequencies for the recipient to affect healing. As a Reiki Master she sees clients for sessions and teaches classes so others may become proficient in this modality.

As an intuitive, energy healing has been the answer to what I had been feeling in my massage for some time. Massage is where I start in the energetic field. The Sacred Hawaiian Temple Bodywork-a 5,000 year old traditional practice- is massaging the body so the physical frequencies resonate with the Spirit. Reiki is a tool we all should have available to us. This is available in individual sessions or in one of several regularly scheduled small group classes. Reconnective Healing is the most comprehensive vibrational modality currently available and uses the broadest range of frequencies to access healing. Two or three consecutive individual sessions are recommended for a Reconnective healing.