Keleigh Lee, M.F.A. - Belly Beautiful

Discount for Crazy Wisdom Customers: Receive an additional 30 minutes of massage during your $75 session with mention of Crazy Wisdom Holistic Resource Guide.

Keleigh Lee is an Ann Arbor henna body artist specializing in pregnancy. She works with her clients to create unique belly designs which reflect their feelings about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. These designs range from simply beautiful to symbolizing an open cervix complete with birth canal and crowing baby. Each $90 session lasts 90 minutes and is accompanied by soft lighting, music, a large comfortable recliner, scalp/foot/hand massage, and an opportunity to talk about the intense emotional and physical transition to motherhood with someone who's been there recently. Body image issues can also be significantly improved through incorporation of stretch marks into the design and the inherent benefit of allowing oneself to be decorated. A $30 mini-session is also available for gifts or trials. The henna design lasts 10-14 days before fading gently away. Embrace the beauty of the pregnant form and create a lasting unique memory for yourself.

Keleigh Lee began studying the ancient art of traditional henna for pregnancy after being pregnant herself for nearly 2 continuous years. "Becoming a mother for the first time is likely the most profound transformation a woman will ever make. It remain unheralded in our society, and I, for one, want to bring it out of the shadows to SUPPORT and CELEBRATE." Her background as a professional medical illustrator and fine artist serves her well in skillfully translating a woman's feelings about her mothering transformation into a unique, beautiful henna design.