Julia Lemke, Intuitive & Energy Healer

Hi! I am a local healer and would love to be listed in your directory. Thank you for your time.

Embody your essence in life, love and work.

Julia is a trauma-informed intuitive, energy healer and energy coach offering intuitive readings, healings and coaching. Julia's signature method, Essence Mapping ©, bridges the physical experience of the present with the wisdom of the soul—revealing a map for navigating life with deeper self trust and inner knowing.

Using tools like the Enneagram; somatic, chakra healing and energy healing; intuitive senses, channeled writing, Akashic records, tarot and more, Julia is attuned to the gap between inner noise and inner knowing—and the physical and emotional experience of living in that liminal space.

Want to feel more aligned, playful and present in life, love and work? Book an Essence Mapping 1:1 session here. Clients share their sessions felt: "validating in a way I didn't know was possible," "like she’s known me my whole life," “a profound release of stored energy,” "gentle and empowering," "like 10 pounds has been shed off me," "gave me permission that I needed," "nothing compares,” “opened me up to more opportunities,” “like I received time and space back in my life."

Julia also coaches heart-led entrepreneurs in marketing.

Learn more at julia-lemke.com or @julialemke11 on Instagram and TikTok.