Joyful Spirits Reiki/Life Coaching/Hypnosis

I, Denise, owner & operator of Joyful Spirits, believe that we each hold our own answers & healing within us, & my role through Joyful Spirits is to assist you in bringing them out whether through Reiki, Life Coaching, or Hypnosis, or a combination of these modalities.  My desire is to co-create with you on your journey to self love & wellness--in body, mind, & spirit-so that you may live the life you are meant to live! Joyfully!

REIKI is a subtle & gentle yet powerful form of Japanese energy healing. It consists of a light touch by me, the practitioner, which brings the universal flow of energy or Ki into you, the client. It is very relaxing & therefore healing! LIFE COACHING sessions offer a safe place of support, reflection, new perspectives, & encouragement, so that you may transition into a circumstance in your life that happens (divorce, loss, relocation, etc.) or create a change or reach a goal that you initiate. Each client grows at their own pace & in their unique way. It often involves realizing your self worth & learning to love yourself! HYPNOSIS is a state of relaxation & a process that assists you in taking you beyond your conscious or outer awareness, to reaching your inner sub conscious mind where your beliefs & memories are stored. By accessing your sub conscious, hypnosis can help you break free from your limiting beliefs & perspectives to release old habits that no longer serve you, & to create new positive ways of thinking & habits that better serve you!