Joanna Myers, M.M., GCFPcm

Joanna Myers is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais teacher whose emphasis is helping individuals reach new levels of ease and skill in everyday movement. With engaging classes and workshops on topics such as stress reduction, pain relief, posture, and performance, Feldenkrais Ann Arbor introduces people to the deep and lasting changes possible through gentle movement and attention.

Since completing a professional Feldenkrais teacher training in 2004, she has taught classes and workshops at numerous venues, including Ann Arbor's Recreation Education Department, the Ann Arbor YMCA, Crazy Wisdom Bokstore and Tea Room, Notre Dame University's music department, and the University of Michigan dance department.

In her private practice Joanna offers hands-on sessions and personalized courses of instruction to area professionals, parents, and students. Through this work she has helped many successfully navigate the challenges of injury, chronic discomfort, age- and stress-related difficulties, as well as feel more enjoyment, empowerment, and potential to live their ideal lives.