Jane R. Heirich, voice development education

BA in choral music and performance, Earlham College 1955

MA in music, Harvard University 1957

Bel Canto vocal pedagogy and voice performance study with Marjorie Allen, Los Altos, CA 1964-1974

Many years of study of vocal anatomy, physiology, and acoustics

Alexander Technique:

  * First Alexander Technique lessons were with Joyce Suskind (New York City)

   * Trained as an AT teacher with Joan and Alex Murray, Urbana, IL

    * Has been a certified teaching member of STAT and AmSAT (formerly NASTAT) since 1987


    * 30 years choral directing experience

    * Taught Chamber Music; an integrated Music Theory & Composition course; and a Basic Voice course, which eventually included the Alexander Technique at the Residential College of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1972-2003

    * Have taught workshop, classes, and lessons around the world since 1991

    * Opened the Alexander Technique Ann Arbor teacher-training school, January 2005