Ikaro Phoenix- Certified Xolar Vibronics Wholistic Health Educator and Coaching

Holistic Health Education and Life Coaching assists in the removal of practices which take us away from the real purpose our soul came here to live and helps to eliminate "disease" which is often misidentified as a physical or psychological problem by returning to ways of functioning which utilize life force or our spirit to nurture and maintain the system which provides for us.

Chakra Balancing is a safe and non-invasive practice which harmonizes our energetic body to assist in the release of unwanted ways of using our life force and directing our life in the way we truly are here to be living.

Natural Detoxification is the process of eliminating physical and spiritual poisons from the body thru herbal supplements, homeopathics and natural practices to harmonize our body with our spirit.

Ikaro Phoenix helps individuals who are ready to let go of artificial ways of functioning, programming and unhealthy life practices to return to what their soul came here to do naturally functioning as a part of the system which creates us nurturing and caring for the whole while sharing our gifts, talents and unique abilities to benefit and support all throughout the entire creation.

Ikaro has spent over 16 years apprenticing with Mama Nuiyan and 12 years with Mama Jacinto two of the greatest masters of our times passing to him practices and the reflection of their application to truly function with nature.  Ikaro applies these practices in his life and for the last 12 years thru the unprecedented power to bring the soul back to it's original functioning which he has personally experiences offers them to others.

To function intelligently with Nature is remarkably simple however its the elimination of the complexity of ways we go against our own nature and the system which supports us which is very difficult.