Iglesia Martell Law Firm, PLLC

Iglesia Martell Law Firm is committed to practicing from the heart and using innovative legal solutions to resolve everyday legal problems.  We are experienced, proactive, and committed to our clients. We understand that when you come to see us you are often embarking on new journeys and creating new paths such as starting a new business or looking to protect your interests and your relationships or sometimes when you come to see us you are confronting difficult and overwhelming times like divorce, discrimination, or criminal matters.

Difficult times can be very stressful and feel very isolating.  New ventures can be stressful yet exhilarating. Know that we are there for you.  On your journey we will help provide you with the "rules of the road" so that you can confidently go forward even in unfamiliar territory.

Iglesia Martell Law Firm envisions a world where lawyers are valued as healers, helpers, counselors, problem-solvers, and peacemakers; where conflicts are seen as opportunities for growth; and where lawyers model balanced lives and are respected for their contributions to the greater good. We seek to transform the practice of law one day at a time through education and support of holistic practice.

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