Holistic Singing

Singing your best involves all of you: mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Holistic Vocal Training enables you to sing your best while developing greater self-awareness, technical expertise, creativity, and confidence.

So when training holistically, not only do we strengthen the voice and learn solid technique, we also strive to bring the mind, emotions, body, and spirit to a place that ultimately supports singing. That may involve calming an inner judge, strengthening postural alignments, healing past beliefs, building confidence, finding new ways to relieve stress, and learning to express ones' creative spirit freely and joyfully!

Jesse Richards' Holistic Vocal Training is the synthesis of her life long study of voice, human development, spirituality and dance. Her degree is in education from the University of Michigan. She has taught voice privately for over 20 years and toured nationally giving vocal and dance workshops. She is a member of NATS, the National Association of Teachers of Singing. She has written the musical productions -- A Woman's Body, Human Nature, and Animal Lovers' Project. She has sung on movie and television soundtracks, and released 13 albums of original music.