Heart in Hands, LLC

Our collective provides non-medical end of life and after death care support and education. We customize our specialties to meet the holistic needs of our clients. Serving all ages and stages from perinatal to adults. Heart and Hands LLC welcomes clients from all backgrounds to benefit from our experience and expertise. With love and service, Robin, Jessica & Toula

Heart in Hands, LLC, is a collective of three End-of-Life Doulas (EOLD), Robin Bow, Jessica Kilbourn and Toula Saratsis, who offer non-medical support and services to the dying and their families in the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor, Michigan area. The three met at their EOLD training in November of 2016 and have since been collaborating and working together to bring conscious and loving death-care to the community. The collective provides a holistic approach to end-of-life and after-death care. They educate, empower, and support the dying and their loved ones. Because of their extensive training and experience, the collective can offer a skilled, unique and professional experience to those looking for an End-of-Life Doula. Serving all ages from perinatal to adults at all stages of end-of-life, bereavement and grief.

Please note: While observing COVID-19 safety protocols, some of these services may not be available at the moment. These are some of the services the Collective offers:

·Initial consultations which will consist of an intake interview (complementary, 30-90 minute via phone, zoom, and in-person upon request)

·End-of-life decision making-advanced care planning, education around funeral and burial options, memorial/ceremony ritual creation, referrals to power of attorney for finances and will/estate

·Coordination of care

·Respite for caregiver

·Logistical support

·Comfort measures for the dying including but not limited to: Reiki/comfort touch massage, creating a soothing and peaceful environment, life-review/legacy projects

·Holding vigil-help to organize and participate in holding space during final days/hours

·Education and information and Community Education and informational presentations

·Mediation and advocacy-with family, as well as, serving as a liaison with the medical personnel, hospice team, staff at care facilities, funeral home etc.

·Emotional support-for caregivers and the dying

·After Death Care-assistance with/guidance with the body immediately following death, preparations for a home funeral, if desired, helping with funeral arrangements, creating and officiating the funeral ceremony, implementing religious and spiritual ritual important to the family, Bereavement support, and will always make referrals to community resources whenever possible

Thank you!