Healing Messages

I take my role very seriously and have studied and trained extensively with professional mediums on the best ethical practices of conducting readings and this work. I think it is important to acknowledge this is a gift I have been given and have chosen to work on, and that it actually has little to do with me. I feel I am just a messenger for the spirit world and I ask that I only receive messages that will be for the highest good of everyone involved in a reading.

My goal in a reading for you is that at the end, you may feel a sense of peace about a loved one or question you have. I feel committed to this work to help you heal. I call my practice “healing messages” because that is what I believe this gift is for, to deliver peaceful loving messages to those of us here who are hurting, to help us begin our journey to healing grief.

My name is Jessica Cunha and I have been on my journey as an intuitive medium for the last 8 years. I have chosen to work on this gift I have been given and fine tune it, so that I can help others dealing with grief, unanswered questions and sometimes just to feel validated in their own experiences.