Gregory S. Velzy, B.A./ I.S.A.R./ N.G.C.R.

Discount: A Free 3 month Report w/reading for a confirmed event or party of 10 or more. Free 30 min. reading with two friend or family readings of 30 mins. or more.

Using Astrology as a road map to a Person's Spiritual/Psychological Dynamics I help people discover their Path and Purpose in this life.  In addition, using Spiritual techniques to heal inner wounds, resolve past and present issues and/or obstacles. General Counseling for Relationships( Personal, Family, and Group), Career Choices. Other Practices available for use; Numerology, Tarot & Cardomancy.

Gregory S. Velzy became aware of Astrology at age six traveling with his parents in the 1960s. In his teen years he started writing Astrology columns for his high school paper and casting charts for friends and family. Educated in Film, Psychology, History, and Mythology he uses archetypal themes and stories to teach lessons in human evolution. Greg has been a professional astrologer, teacher, counselor and speaker since 1996. He is also a Member of The International Society for Astrological Research and The National Geo-Cosmic Research Organization.