Greg Knollmeyer, Director Spiral Chi Center

Learn t'ai chi with an exceptional teacher and come to a powerful healing session to help you restore yourself. Greg has incredible depth of study and experience and will meet you exactly where you are to help you move heal and evolve.

Greg uses his extensive background to help people heal on multiple levels. He integrates energy work, reflexology, and subconscious belief work to help people achieve amazing results. He has dedicated many years of study to various forms of positive energy work including Reflexology-chi, qigong, and fa gong. He brings warmth, intelligence and compassion to his studies and work as a healer. You can find more information about healing work with Greg here.

Greg is also the director of The Spiral Chi Center where he teaches tai chi. He offers regular classes as well as private lessons in Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti. He has been cultivating energy through this martial art for a more than a decade and has taught at hospitals, businesses, and other locations. Find out more about t'ai chi with Greg here.