Great Lakes Healing Arts

Great Lakes Healing Arts founder Laura K. Cowan is tech and wellness journalist whose work has focused on studying ancient wisdom traditions and modern technology being used to balance the planet, both to help with climate change and pay forward the healing wisdom and life-altering experiences that helped her recover from decades of PTSD and stress-related chronic injuries. She is an Usui, Kundalini, and Karuna Ki Reiki master with a specialty in animal Reiki and a level 20 Grandmaster attunement, an Ataana Method healer, certified meditation instructor, shamanic practitioner in the Celtic and Peruvian traditions, and a shamanic arts life coach. Laura specializes in helping people connect with their own intuitive guidance for healing and life path direction using tools that support and respect wherever they are in life. She especially enjoys working with people who are overcoming family trauma patterns, and creative or business professionals developing a daily personal practice for relaxation, centering, and honing high-level intuitive creative thinking.

Great Lakes Healing Arts offers gentle yet powerful tools to empower the individual to connect with their own intuition for healing and creative inspiration. The practice combines Reiki and other relaxing energy healing modalities with guided meditation and shamanic arts life coaching to support individuals in building a self-directed life path that meets them where they’re at and respects their worldview.