Dragonfly Journeys

Because it takes more than talk therapy, prescription medications, and self-help books to build peace within...

We create loving and compassionate space that nourishes connection among seekers ready to cultivate peace. For themselves, their relationships, and their communities.


We met in a Women's Empowerment group that one of us co-created some time ago.  After years of working on ourselves with the support of like-minded women, we felt it was time to share what we learned.

We are a wife & mom in a traditional family structure and a woman who chose not to have children.  One of us is independently employed and one works in higher education. We are an All American athlete and coach, and a world-traveler. We have academic training in transpersonal and clinical psychology and peacebuilding and conflict transformation.  The one thing we share in common: we are women working to make a  difference in the world by creating space where people can find the strength, courage, and support to live into their highest potential while connecting with others doing the same.

We created Dragonfly Journeys to offer encouragement, support, and lessons learned among seekers who are also on journeys of discovery and transformation.  We Are Givers wanting to Spread Love and Inspiration.  
We offer Guidance and Space for individual and collective journeys.
We Cultivate Deep Connections and Encourage Each Other to find and live into our Fullest Potentials.

We believe in YOUR potential to achieve your deepest calling!