Dr. Diane Babalas - Gateway Chiropractic

Transformational healing. Experience chiropractic like you never have before. 

 Experience chiropractic like you never have before.  Dr. Diane Babalas is an extraordinary chiropractor who has helped hundreds of people to feel better. Her gentle touches release deep tensions from your body so that you can express and experience your inner vitality. As tensions melt away healing occurs. The messages of the nervous system are no longer impeded and circulation of blood and energy is improved. As a result the body taps into its innate potential for healing.

Dr. Diane is guided by the philosophy of Bio-Geometric Integration. Her adjustments help your entire system release tension and integrate new ways of being. People describe being adjusted as having transformed their entire lives giving them greater mobility, increasing their sense of vitality, and giving them the ability to move forward in their lives.