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Education and coaching for pregnant and new parents:classes, planning sessions, home visits, breastfeeding help and doula care. There is an art to creating health, fun, intimacy, and confidence in pregnancy and postpartum. What is best for you and your family is unique to you! There is not a one-size fits all approach to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Yet there is a wide body of holistic knowledge that can help you have very positive experiences as your body, your relationship, your career, your sex life, and more change with the birth of a baby.

I can help you build your health, strengthen your relationship, prepare for birth, understand your newborn, and most importantly, facilitate your personal process of making the choices that fit you and your family.

Go for your dreams. You can have an empowering awesome birth! Postpartum can be a time of wonder and closeness! The rewards will be tremendous for you, your health and your family. Contact me now for a free initial consultation.