Chiropractic Wellness Center/ Dr. Marc Terebelo

Dr. Terebelo has been a holistic physician in our community for over 42 years.  He learned Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing from its founder, Dr. George Goodheart.  We offer individualized, personalized care to assist you in reaching your health goals.

We do accept most health insurance and are reasonable in our rates. We are available for your care from 9am to 7pm , closed on Thursday and weekends.

We offer chiropractic care and Applied Kinesiology methods.  Offering spinal manipulation, disc intersegmental traction, cranial sacral therapy, and soft tissue therapy for pulled muscles and fascia injuries.  Our goal is to address the cause of pain and functional issues using the holistic paradigm of Structure, Chemical and Mental/Emotional.  Where is the dis-ease?  Where is the imbalance that is causing the symptom?  That is our goal.