Castle Remedies - Homeopathic Pharmacy in Ann Arbor Michigan

Proud to be serving the Ann Arbor area for over 35 years.  Castle Remedies is your source for homeopathic remedies, herbs, high quality nutritional supplements, aromatherapy oils, flower essences, books, as well as unique gifts and jewelry!

Castle Remedies is Michigan's largest Homeopathic Pharmacy open to the public. We carry over one thousand remedies in potencies as low as 3x and as high as CM. We also fill your prescriptions from homeopathic practitioners. Castle Remedies is a source for homeopathic topicals as well.

In addition to homeopathic medicines, we carry nutraceuticals and herbals in both capsule and tincture form. Our botanicals and supplements are of the highest quality, and have been assayed for purity and potency.

At Castle Remedies, we encourage you to be proactive about your health.  Come visit us and meet our friendly, knowledgeable staff. We can offer assistance by guiding you to sources of accurate information and local holistic practitioners.