Call of the Goddess Festival

Sunday August 30, 2020

11am - 5pm

Call of the Goddess Festival is about awakening the divine feminine within to fulfill your soul’s highest purpose. It’s about workshops, speakers, presenters - all gathered in a 5 acre park this summer talking with you passionately about their areas of expertise to help you activate your energy centers & align the enlightened being that is screaming to be released. It is an unleashing. It is awakening. It is uplifting and enlightening. It is the Call of the Goddess. Do you hear her?


Admission to Call of the Goddess Festival is Free and Open to all ages thanks to a generous grant from Keep Genesee County Beautiful. Windiate Park has recently been renovated and will undergo additional renovations this summer to its ballfield. The park is located adjacent to Saginaw Street across from Diplomat Pharmacy's Headquarters and is accessible with a paved track that encircles the park.


We are now accepting applications for: Craft Vendors, Presenters, Teachers, Workshop Facilitators, Energy Healers, & Psychic Readers.