Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies

We Teach the Art of Thai Healing: We offer sessions, classes, workshops, retreats, clinics, and in-depth, comprehensive 6-month program in Thai bodywork, meditation, herbs, and philosophy. We take Thai seriously.

What sets us apart is that we believe Thai healing studies are not something you learn in a weekend, or even a week or two. It is an amazing and challenging practice that requires time, energy, and patience. In other words, it requires commitment.

We are looking for participants who will uphold the integrity of the practice by committing to a six month, in-depth series of study. Our trademarked six month workshop series defines our goal. Everything we do, from community service to participant practice clinic to continuing education, is based around this series. We have spent a lot of time thinking about how to design a series that gives participants the kind of rich, multi-layered experience that we believe this practice requires.

When participants complete the series, they have a solid base of experience in everything from Thai theory and practice to anatomy and even career enhancing skills.  We don't shy away from the spiritual aspects of the practice as we believe personal understanding and growth are necessary to becoming truly conversant with the body.  We like being in close contact with our participants for the extended time period so that we can constantly correct, refine, and help them navigate the real life challenges that come up. Monitoring and mentorship are key components to the success of our participants.

We have designed it as a one weekend a month series so that after each intensive weekend, participants have 3 or 4 weeks to practice what they learned before they come back again. This way, learning spirals in both breadth and depth. Each weekend participants return, they have come a little further in their understanding, and then can be moved to the next level.

One of the things our participants like about the series is the community and relationships that are built during the six months in the workshops. The teachers are there for that entire time to offer advice, encouragement, and feedback. Participants often practice outside of class with other participants who are also going through the series. They connect to the larger community and share their learning with others through the community service activities. And finally, the work with the general public in a supervised setting through the participant practice clinic.

The six month workshop series provides space to grow personally and professionally, learning more about ourselves, and engaging in the amazing practice of Thai healing studies.