Betsy Adams, the Animal-Human Energy Bond

There are estimated to be about 162 natural healing modalities available today. In her workshops Betsy explores many of these alternative and holistic approaches available for the care of you, your family, and your animal companions with special emphasis on the present spiritual support available.

Betsy Adams (Shoh Nah Hah Lieh) has worked with animals and their people for over 40 years. She has been communicating with animals since infancy and utilizes her intuitive abilities in her consulting practice. Her background is in the biological sciences, evolutionary ecology, as well as creative writing. She has worked with animals in many different settings: the wilds, kennels, sanctuaries, veterinary clinics, shelters, laboratories, in home settings, and more. She has taught biological sciences at the university level, and creative writing grades K-12, university students and for the elderly.

She is available and happy to work with you and your animal in any setting of your choice, including in home visits, classes, and appointments for animal communication.

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