Beth’s Craniosacral Therapy & Deep Tissue Massage

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Beth Ann Dulka, Cranial Sacral Therapist CST

Licensed Massage Therapist LMT

(MI Lic # 7 5 0 1 0 0 0 3 4)


Accepting New Clients. 

Some of the benefits of Cranial Sacral Therapy are helping with physical, emotional & psychological trauma, chronic pain, injuries, head to toe, feet knee, hip alignment, neck, shoulder spine alignment, head trauma, migraines, inflammation, TMJ, depression PTSD, anxiety, gut health, hernia, birth preparation, birth, mother & baby check & care, grief, divorce, stress-related conditions & after Chiropractric adjustment care, settling the nervous system.


Cranial Sacral Therapy frees us from holding and contracting; fluid, muscles & bones.  Encouraging the nervous system to settle & the cerebrospinal fluid to ebb & flow at its regular rate. Protecting & nourishing the brain & nervous system. Healing from within far away from fight & flight, pain & fear patterns in the safest possible way. Soothing & dissolving fixations held in our body & mind, we find relief, health, strength, inner resource. True Rest. Resetting the nervous system.


In combination with Deep Tissue Massage, Polarity, Qigong, Rolfing, Lome Lome, Acupressure, Reflexology, Reiki, PT, OT, MBSR training, and other healing techniques, I listen to each person's whole body & needs in a safe environment.


My background:

I went looking for something more profound than the work I had done with PTs, OTs, and Speech Therapists back in the 90s & I found Briggett Bowler, a Chiropractor who showed me Cranial Sacral Therapy, Upledger. Briget Bowler knew the Rose Family, Chiropractors. I studied with a housemate who went through & taught at Ann Arbor Institute of Massage. 

I went through the same Program. She went to the Rolfing Institute, Hawaii for Lome Lome, studied with Karen Kern & taught with her, Polarity. She became a OT. She taught me all of it & we worked tag team with clients for years. I studied with Wanchu La a Qigong Master who lives in Tibet, have been trained in Reiki 1,2,3, & plus. I went through the 3-year program of Cranial Sacral Therapy with Jan Pemberton & went through the Advanced Training of Cranial Sacral with Lynda Diane Feldt,  who I knew for 30 years. I’ve taught in various places, various things.