Authentic Living Psychotherapy, LLC

Are you having relationship problems and sexual difficulties? I specialize in working with individuals and couples seeking sex therapy and couples counseling to improve intimacy, deal with desire discrepancy, and conflict. I specialize in working with women's sexual health issues: vaginismus, sexual trauma, past abuse, pelvic pain, low desire. There is help, don't suffer! Call me. I offer a client centered approach to help you as the unique individual or couple that you are. I am honored to work with you and together we can address anxiety, grief and loss, depression, PTSD and more.
I practice sex positive, LBGTQ affirming, Kink and Poly friendly therapy. I work with sexual orientation, coming out, and questions/concerns around gender identity. My post graduate training was through University of Michigan's Sexual Health Certificate Program. I hold a certificate from U of M with concentrations in sex therapy and sexuality education.

Specializing in psychotherapy, sex therapy, couples counseling, EMDR with offices in Midtown Detroit and Ann Arbor.