Austeen Freeman "Free To Be"

Do you feel disconnected from your body or want to get it know it/understand it better? Then my service is for you. I am here for you and to provide a safe and encouraging environment. I use intentional movement to help you meet your goals. Let's say yes to movement!

Austeen is a Athletic Trainer, Massage Therapist, Emergency Medical technician and Yoga Teacher. She specializes in assisting people with movement. Her passion is helping people rediscover their body and help people uncover their own ability to grow.

What do I specialize in? & How can I help you?

  1. Individuals who want a better relationship with their body
  2. People wanting to increase their physical and mental flexibility and capabilities.
  3. People just starting to explore and discover their bodies again.
  4. Developing practices and plans for individuals wanting to dedicate time to moving their bodies