The Subtleties of Intuition by Amy Garber

Read the original post here(Amy Garber is a is a psychic/intuitive who aids people on their path with channeled readings. Her article on Intuition was featured in our September through December 2015 issue.)  

In my interactions with students and seekers, I have found that people often don’t realize when intuition is knocking on their door. They expect awareness to come as a bolt of lightning, when in actuality, it most often comes as a whisper!

I meet people through my Meetup group (Intuitives Interactive) and in the Intuition Development classes that I teach — settings where folks are often already aware that they have intuition. Yet one of the most common refrains is: “I’m not sure that I’m getting anything!”

Having been both a student and a teacher of metaphysics, I have found that the messages and guidance DO come, both when requested and unbidded. Our souls and other sources are CONSTANTLY trying to guide us and get our attention! But most of us, to be very sure about something, want it to “hit us over the head” or appear “larger than life” in the room, so that there is no doubt.

Actually, intuition is often VERY SUBTLE. Whether by clairvoyance (“clear seeing,” usually a picture in the mind’s eye but can also be external sight) or clairaudience (“clear hearing,” a voice or thoughts in one’s head) — two of the dominant ways that this information is received — the intuitive information that we perceive may go right by us unless we are paying attention.

Here’s an example. A coworker was telling me about a family destination wedding she attended and the bizarre behavior of the groom’s father, whom she hadn’t met until that weekend. She was trying to understand his actions and was asking my opinion. While I was listening to her describe the situation, I got an image in my mind of the owner of a company I had worked for years ago. There was seemingly no connection between the story she was telling and my former boss, so it would be easy to write off the thought as some type of distraction.

Yet I noticed this thought had come up and I knew that it was no coincidence. What I remembered about this former employer was that he was very eccentric and unpredictable. In fact, the first time I met him, I wondered if he was impaired or had dementia, because of his unusual behavior (it was at a group dinner and he just looked around at everyone and didn’t speak the entire time). Once I got to know him, I learned that he is highly intelligent, self-absorbed, and creative, and a very unique individual who is very much a nonconformist.

So, I shared with my coworker that this image came up when she was talking and that my impression was that it meant that the groom’s father was a similar eccentric and self-absorbed individual. My coworker knows that I get intuitive information, so she appreciated this insight. The image of my former boss helped me key into the groom’s father’s personality to explain why he acted the way he did, and it made sense to my coworker. This was the reason that this memory came up for me at that time. A subtle yet incisive message!

Intuition is usually subtle like this. For every book that dramatically falls off the shelf right in front of us in the store when we are asking for just the right thing to read, there are at least ten times more instances of how a subtle image, or thought, or feeling came to deliver needed information. And it’s our task, then, to NOTICE AND FOCUS on what comes to us, instead of brush it off.

Another example comes from a friend. He was shopping for crystals at a large outdoor store and had picked out one to buy. He was carrying it around when a glint of light caught his eye. He paid attention to this and went to the table where the glimmer came from. He looked around the table and, sure enough, there was another crystal similar to the one he was going to buy. He picked it up and, when he put them together, they fit each other; it perfectly matched the one he was holding! The original crystal had broken apart and here was its other half! So of course, he bought them both, and they are more powerful together.

It would have been easy to pass off the flash of light as a trick of the sun, something so subtle that it could be ignored. But luckily, my friend paid attention and followed the “phenomenon” that was trying to get his attention. And because he was open to this sign, he was rewarded.

So my challenge to you is to experiment with this concept of intuition for a week. If you can accept the idea that there is a Higher Intelligence or internal guidance system (I actually believe in both), then you can be open to the idea that it responds to our longing for intuitive information. Pledge to be aware of the subtle ways these messages can come to you. You may even ask “the Universe” for answers to a specific question you have, or confirmation about a decision you have already made. Then notice if a song lyric catches your attention, or something jumps out when you are reading, or if you feel pulled to take a different way home than you usually drive. Pay attention! I think you will be very pleased with what you discover.

Amy B. Garber, BA, RMT, is a psychic/intuitive who aids people on their path with channeled readings. She has been leading groups in intuition exploration through her group, Intuitives Interactive; teaching Intuition Development classes; and hosting twice-yearly Holistic Psychic Fairs. Amy also hosts public events to bring other metaphysical thought leaders to the public. She can be reached at or, 734-358-0218, or

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