Bodhi Body

Rolfing ®️ & Craniosacral Biodynamics

Healing with Hannah

  I am a psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, yoga instructor, energy worker, and Reiki practitioner. 

Constellation Healing Arts

At Constellation Healing Arts, Everyone has a Right to Belong. I believe there is Healing through Connecting™ and create a loving and compassionate, safe place for you to learn about and apply your own strengths, courage, and power to heal. This creates peace and balance within…

Dragonfly Journeys

WHO ARE WE? We met in a Women’s Empowerment group that one of us co-created some time ago.  After years of working on ourselves with the support of like-minded women, we felt it was time to share what we learned. We are a wife &…

Spiritual Tao Workshops

Workshops in Tai Chi, Qigong, and Qigong Meditation located in the Lansing, Michigan area.  Coursework is designed to improve one’s physical and emotional health through soft physical body movement exercise in the Chinese medical tradition, mostly following the healing and spiritual methods of Master Mantak…

Sierra Hillebrand, MA, TLLp Integrative Psychotherapy

Sierra invites each individual, couple, or family to explore their unique dreams and visions, while also identifying the symptoms that block their full expression. Clients are then guided through a process of self discovery and skill building, so that they may release trauma, resolve negative patterns of thought and behavior, and take the steps necessary to live with greater authenticity and satisfaction.