Dr. Jane Klaes, DO

Dr. Klaes provides comprehensive, holistic primary care using a membership model.  For a low monthly fee, patients have access to Dr. Klaes by phone, text, email and video.

Alma Community

Dr. Christina M. Casado A.P. is a Florida-Licensed Acupuncturist. Physician and Certified Chinese Medical Herbalist. She is a student of Japanese acupuncture master Kiiko Matsumoto and travels annually to Japan and China to hone her skills and learn new techniques.

White Wolf Healing

Treating stress, smoking cessation, sleep issues, pain management, addiction to food, addiction to drugs/alcohol, depression and  anxiety. The NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) treatments are used by world-renown drug and alcohol treatment facilities world-wide to treat the above issues. The VA utilize this protocol for…

Ayurvedic Healing Center LLC

Providing Holistic solutions for modern day illness with the ancient time tested science and wisdom of Ayurveda

Alessandra Homeopathy

In my clinic I help people regain their health and well-being through homeopathic medicines. My mission is to serve and support my patients the same way my family was supported by homeopathy in my time of great need.  I am a Registered Homeopath with the…

Four Paws Veterinary Wellness

Four Paws is an integrative veterinary house-call practice.   We provide holistic services including Chinese herbal therapy, Ozone therapy, acupuncture, glandular therapy, food therapy and more.   Dr. Turenne has particular expertise with elder pet care. She is Certified in Thanatology and is also one of only…