Kelly Goodell LLC

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution Physical Medium Astrologer Energy Mapping Strategies

Healing with Hannah

  I am a psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, yoga instructor, energy worker, and Reiki practitioner. 

SoulSource Healing

I channel healing energy from the Angels and flow it to you.  I do this remotely so you can remain at home.  We can connect via phone or internet.

Pura Vida Peace, LLC.

Mind, Body, Spirit coach, Awakening Your Light Body Meditation teacher, Trailblazing Communication Practitioner, Emotional Trauma specialist, Yoga Nidra meditation teacher, author, and owner of Pura Vida Peace, LLC.

Your Path Reiki

Sign up for an in-home chair session, an in-hospital session, or a distance session (where you can stay in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you are)), or schedule me to visit you or your loved one in the hospital or hospice setting. If your…

AK Healing Arts

AK Healing Arts is an integrated therapies practice that supports clients in reaching their mental and physical goals. Divination and artistic services are also available.

Great Lakes Healing Arts

Great Lakes Healing Arts offers gentle yet powerful tools to empower the individual to connect with their own intuition for healing and creative inspiration. The practice combines Reiki and other relaxing energy healing modalities with guided meditation and shamanic arts life coaching to support individuals…